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Thank you for your interest in Inspection Certification Associates.  Attached is a frequently asked questions sheet as well.

We train successful Residential and Commercial inspectors.

When you have a chance, take a look at our course demo video:  http://icaschool.com/inspection-course-demo/

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When you enroll in the program, you can start your online training immediately.  The average person completes the training in about three to four weeks, but there is no time limit.  Your login and password will always be valid with us, so even after you graduate, you will still be able to log back in and review our lessons and have unlimited access to our online reference library.  All of our students have the ability to download/save every video lesson in an MP4 video format for viewing later on without having to connect to the internet.

You will also have unlimited support from our support team every step of the way: before, during, and after your training is complete.  We will provide you with links to cost effective and reputable reporting systems, insurance providers, business startup information, and more.  All ICA graduates are also provided with a report software package that can be installed on all of your mobile devices for free with no additional fees and you can use it to complete your inspections:  https://icaschool.com/home-inspection-report/ .

The ICA online Real Estate Inspection Certification Program is the most complete home inspection course on the market today.  The online course is completely self-paced and works on all computers and devices – including laptops, tablets, and even iphones and android phones.  All 27 home inspection course modules are fully narrated instructor-led streaming video.  Students will also get access to our online reference library where we have a huge repository of home inspection related e-books and online reference material covering everything from mold and radon to septic and termites – along with many other topics.

Once you complete our program, you will be ICA certified to the ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) Standards of Practice.  We will also certify you in Commercial Inspection as well to the ASTM standards.  We are the only school that offers a dual certification program.  The training also includes lessons dedicated to marketing and starting your own home inspection business. 

Course Outline

  1. Overview of Home Inspections
    Provides an introduction and review of the home inspection industry
  2. Legal and Business Aspects  
    Forming a business, pre-inspection agreements, insurance, marketing
  3. The Inspection Process 
    Method of inspecting a house, Standards of Practice
  4. Roofing 1  
    Roofing terms, materials, shingles types, roofing inspection process
  5. Roofing 2   
    Roofing inspection process continued, roofing defects
  6. Exterior 1
    Site as it affects the home, grading, siding materials, defects
  7. Exterior 2 
    Trim, porches, decks, stops, steps, paving, vegetation, defects
  8. Structure 1 
    Structural basics, beams, joists, trusses, roof and wall framing, foundations
  9. Structure 2    
    Structural inspection and defect recognition
  10. Interior 1 
    Attics, insulation, interior rooms, walls, windows, doors
  11. Interior 2          
    Bathrooms, kitchens, household appliances, basements, crawl spaces
  12. Plumbing 1        
    Supply and waste piping, cross connections, vents, drainage
  13. Plumbing 2          
    Fixtures, faucets, water heaters
  14. Plumbing 3 
    Water heaters continued, fuel piping and storage, sump and ejector pumps
  15. Heating 1   
    Combustion air requirements, forced air heating inspection process
  16. Heating 2  
    Hydronic heating systems inspection process
  17. Heating 3  
    Space heating, fireplaces, wood stoves, chimneys and vents
  18. Air Conditioning 1  
    Refrigeration theory, split systems, ductless split systems, high-velocity
  19. Air Conditioning 2  
    Air source heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps
  20. Electrical 1    
    Electrical theory, service drops, wire gauges
  21. Electrical 2 
    Wire material and types, electrical panels
  22. Electrical 3 
    Main panels, sub panels
  23. Electrical 4
    Outlets, switches, fixtures, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors
  24. Report Writing
    Providing a proper written report for the client
  25. Marketing 1
    Strategies for building your home inspection business
  26. Marketing 2   
    Strategies for building your home inspection business
  27. Commercial Inspection 
    Inspecting commercial buildings, covers ASTM standards
  1. Inspection with Drones
    Using a drone to complete roof inspections

You’ll also get free lifetime access to:

Over 20 additional downloadable e-books covering a variety of home inspection related topics including energy audits, termite inspection, septic inspection, and much more!


Our online whitepapers will give you valuable insight into the inspection industry:  https://icaschool.com/secrets/

If you still want to compare courses, check out our course comparison page:  https://icaschool.com/competitor-comparison/   


All of our graduates also receive the following benefits: 

  •     Free one month InterNACHI membership provided to all graduates
  •     Residential and Commercial Certification (mailed out upon course completion)
  •     Radon & Mold Certification Courses Included along with ALL Bonus Courses
  •     Free Report System ($400 value) Report Form Pro NITRO
  •     Free Lifetime listing on www.hireaninspector.com for all graduates
  •     Includes Inspecting Roof Systems with Drones Module (limited time offer)
  •     Unlimited support from our support staff
  •     Unlimited access to all of the course lessons forever (mobile device compatible)
  •     Unlimited access to our online reference library (mobile device compatible)
  •     Downloadable MP4 Video Modules – So you can view the course without an internet connection.
  •     700+ Practice Questions for the National Home Inspectors Exam / State Exam (free mobile app included)
  •     Free online refresher training including access to course updates and annual course releases.
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